The Music Stopped

The sky fell.
We danced.
The trains derailed.
We danced.
The ocean liners vanished
And the wounded sea
Never returned to port.
We danced.
We danced.
The desperadoes breached the walls.
The squares echoed with the
Savage boots of night.
The bodies smiled
From the lampposts.
And the city,
Giddy, buxom, pretty,
Hopped into bed with the sadist,
And drunk his wine,
And tweaked his beard.
We danced.
We danced
Through the flag-strangled streets,
And the flung open gates
To the terrible camps.
We danced
With blackened soles.
With shards in our heels,
We danced
And never stopped believing
In God, in dreams,
In music.

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