Between us this blue flow,
blue ream that unrolls
endlessly like a canal
of memory,
like the surfaces of your sorrow.

On it comes
procession after procession
of the unconquered heart,
rains to erase our solitude,
the drifting spires of sunken ports,
a tender commerce of
ruined lips.

Do you see it too?
Your eyes are glazed,
and you cease to look.
It doesn’t matter,
because we are not the
only two lives in this room,

because there is this blueness that
uncoils itself like a body,
endlessly like a moon
sheltered in our parallel chests.

Oh, there is so much joy
in drifting in this space between us.
I see it settle over you like a
veil of constellations.
When I kiss you it touches me,
like the warmest of hands
forgiving my will,
my proud mouth of defiance.

I see at last,
the unfurled intestines of our souls,
the arteries that cross the blueness
like herds,
passing on, outreaching us,
through the loosened curtains
of our pleasure
to Join the roots of the night trees.

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