Tonight the roaring sea
breaks its bones on the dark walls
in great shards of foam.
It roars at you, unresponding girl,
your eyes of transparent shield.
The full moon burns across the night,
shredding clouds,
casting beams over the scarred earth,
wreckage of trees, shells, animals,
disembowelled by the storm.
It pleads with you for succour, absent woman.
But you clasp your hands
closed about your life
like a shell that awaits
the right pain to open it.
I plunge the ocean into you,
I plunge it deep with the drowned moon.
And your silence,
turning like distant galaxies,
takes these fevers, quells them,
refines them into a single grain of sand,
bears in your folds
all the violence of the world
like a dark pearl.

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