Out by myself

Today I walked with my

molten loneliness,

wretchedly burning

in my loin,

smoldering under my heel.

I delighted in the company

of bright-faced cashiers,

the pleasantry and

the money exchanged.

I enjoyed aimless perambulations

under the thin skin of the sky,

and the burning mad flames

of our expiring sun.

And I fell for the girl who rode by,

her eyes cast down,

continuously caught

and dragged under her spokes,

and the way she

laughed anyway.

My triumphant loneliness

loved the smooth shoulders of women

who turned away from me

to get on with their lives,

to open car doors,

to wipe away the snot of a child,

to serve the next in line.

And when I returned home

my woman came to me

and subdued my raging solitude,

and bid that panther return to it’s corner

in my soul,

with the other defeated animals,

so that we might

enjoy this evening,

the frivolity of two souls

abandoned to this millennium,

off to watch a movie.

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